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Error Counts Per Page Payment

Note: the provided payment is per page (others page is not effective for any canceled page).

The Rules & Regulations is very simple. Read all the following lines.
@ Typing should be started from the very first column and line without leaving any space. THE SPACE SHOULD NOT BE PRESSED AT THE STARTING AND END OF A LINK.
@ Same spelling typing.
@ Same punctuation typing.
@ Between two words single space.
@ Between two paragraph no gaping.
@ There will not be any diagram, picture or tables but only text will have to be typed.
@ No need to any formatting Eg. Bold or Italic.
@ There should not be mismatch of the upper or lower case (small/capital latter). It should be typed in the same case as it is in the scanned files.

01 to 05 Error Per Page Full Payment of the particular page
06 to 10 Error Per Page Half Payment of the particular page.
More than 10 errors No Payment of the particular page.

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